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All Experts & Faculties


Professor of Environmental Law

Department of Energy

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco

(Metropolitan Autonomous University-Azcapotzalco)

San Pablo 180, Reyosa, Azcapotzalco,

Mexico City

& Escuela de Estudios Ambientales

(School of Environmental Studies)

Boulevard Cristóbal Colón Number 5

Office 1112, Xalapa, Veracruz


Areas of Expertise

Environmental Law; Climate Change; Energy and Environment; Clean Transportation; Digital Pollution; Agrochemicals

Brief Bio

Prof. Ivett Montelongo is Doctor in Law from the Universidad de Alicante with a distinction "cum laude" with her thesis on La contaminación atmosfèrica en la Ciudad de Mèxico: un problema de aplicación de los instrumentos de política ambiental. La perspectiva jurídica (2011).

She has taught various specialty, master, and doctoral courses related to Environmental Law, Land Law during the last 15 years. She has been a Consultant for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (1996). She has been participating in research (SEMARNAT-UAM) to design baselines and a regulatory proposal to mitigate emissions of a short-lived climatic pollutant from the sugarcane process. She has supervised theses on environmental management as well as aspects of the application of environmental legislation in the Environmental Engineering degree and the Master of Law at the Autonomous Metropolitan University.

She is the author of several works analysing the environmental regulations from atmospheric pollution; hazardous waste management; vehicle atmospheric pollution in Mexico City, and Mexico City environmental regulations, published as chapters in books or in different national and international Journals.

She is Co-Author of the book Introducción al Derecho Ambiental (UAM, 1999). She is also Co-Editor of the books El futuro del Derecho ambiental. a 50 años de la primera Ley Ambiental. (UAM, 2022) and Federalismo en América y Pandemia por COVID-19 (UAM, 2023). She is a practitioner for many national and international companies in environmental health, and administrative law.

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