Global Academy (Hybrid) on NATURAL RESOURCE LAW & GOVERNANCETurin, Italy | 21-30 July 2024

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All Experts & Faculties



International University College of Turin

Turin, ITALY

& Director

Eating City



Areas of Expertise

Ecology and Food Systems

Brief Bio

Maurizio Mariani is the Founder and General Manager of Eating City, an international platform that aims to stimulate social and business dialogue and produce guidance and research for a more sustainable food system in the public sector. Mariani is a Member of the “Groupe de Bruges”, and of the Advisory Council Member of the MCA (Mediterranean Citizen Assembly Foundation ). He is an expert of economy and environment related to hospitality & foodservice. Author of numerous publications and articles, speaker at several international conferences, he has designed the Risteco handbooks (“Quaderni di Risteco”), and the projects of “il Pranzo Sostenibile” (“The Sustainable Meal”). He is one Co-Author of the books “La ville qui mange” and “City food Policies: Securing our daily bread in an urbanizing world.”

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