Global Academy (Hybrid) on NATURAL RESOURCE LAW & GOVERNANCETurin, Italy | 21-30 July 2024


Our training programs combine the latest developments in a specific field or sector with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with professionals from all over the world. The trainings are interactive and experience based. Our faculty members use a variety of formats: lectures, case stories/ studies, group discussions, group works and field visits. Participants develop individual Action Plan, in which they integrate all training topics and relate them to the reality of the participants’ field situations. So, in nutshell the following are the features of our trainings:

Supporting Documents
  1. Participatory learning methodologies
  2. Substantive reflections of participants' own personal capacities
  3. Group deliberation and experiential activities
  4. Handouts and reading materials
  5. Residential venue and learning practice without formal time limits
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