Global Academy (Hybrid) on NATURAL RESOURCE LAW & GOVERNANCETurin, Italy | 14-24 April 2026


Globally, environmental problems are growing day by day and threatening the existence of our planet and humanity. In varied types of ecosystems on the planet, diversity of natural resources such as forests, water, soil, biodiversity, minerals, wildlife and agroecosystems are exploited recklessly. Natural resource management focuses on the need of sustainable management of the Earth's depleting natural resources such as clean water, energy, minerals and biological resources, in relation to the growth of the human population. To answer these pressing issues, professionals need to be able to work in interdisciplinary teams and apply scientific, ecological, economic and social knowledge to come up with holistic solutions. Besides, natural resource governance addresses the international/national policies, laws, frameworks, codes, instruments, guidelines, mechanisms, directives, principles, rules and other forms of administrative measures meant to govern different natural resources falling in jurisdiction of countries and in transboundary jurisdictions. The Global Academy on Natural Resource Law & Governance will impart practical training to the participants on the critical links of problems with solutions related to natural resources. This 10-days practical training program will provide full space to the participants to understand, analyse, discourse and offer solutions to key issues associated with natural resources.

How is the Global Academy on Natural Resource Law & Governance different from other similar courses or trainings? Mostly, such trainings cover a segment or narrow scope of natural resources. Moreover, the focus remains mainly either on scientific management or the socio-political aspects of management. Law and governance aspects are totally skipped. Additionally, those trainings target one or two categories of audiences. On the contrary, our program will have the following distinguished features:

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