Global Academy (Hybrid) on NATURAL RESOURCE LAW & GOVERNANCETurin, Italy | 14-24 April 2026

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All Experts & Faculties


Full Professor & Director

Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS)

Faculty of Law

The Arctic University of Norway



Areas of Expertise

Law and Ecology; International Environmental Law; Ecosystem Governance; Critical Legal Analysis; Biopolitics; Ocean Commons; Marine Biodiversity; Space Law and Law of the Sea; Critical Legal Geography

Brief Bio

Dr. Vito de Lucia is a Professor at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, UiT Arctic University of Norway. His research interests are located at the intersection of critical theory, law and ecology in genealogy as a method of critical legal analysis, and in biopolitics as a theoretical register. His current projects focus on BBNJ on Arctic governance. He has recently been awarded the Annual Richard Macrory Prize for best article in the Journal of Environmental Law 2015.

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