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Western Caspian University


Western Caspian University, established in 1991, was the first private institution of higher education in Azerbaijan. The University has become a member of several significant institutions, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - UNESCO, the European Development Fund-EDF, the European Centre for Development Policy Management-ECDPM, The Black Sea Universities Network-BSUN, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences-IIAS, and the European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education-ATLAS.

WCU maintains close cooperation with many international educational institutions. According to various independent reviews, WCU ranks among the top ten newly established universities in this emerging geographical area. The founding of this institution was influenced by the socio-political and economic processes occurring in Eastern Europe and the CIS area after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The aim of the university is to create the perfect educational atmosphere for globally recognized training, and to prepare students for achieving systematic success in their future careers at international level. WCU regularly participates in international programmes and projects through which we widen our academic activity base, strengthen our reputation across the world of education, creating a framework for our sustained development.

In the ranking of the world's universities, which measures the adequacy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and its impact on society, the Western Caspian University is ranked 601+ among 1240 world universities. The high ranking of the Western Caspian University is the result of consistent efforts in recent years to improve the quality of education, to adapt to new challenges, the experience and trends of the world's leading universities.

Mission Statement
The mission of Western Caspian University is to make a positive contribution to the society by delivering a quality of teaching and research that is at the highest international levels of excellence.

Vision Statement
to broaden its educational activities and extend contracts with international partners; to provide an environment of teaching excellence, with teaching that is world-class, globally collaborative and internationally recognized; to strive to be progressive and keep abreast of trends in the academic arena.


  • Serve the community through ensuring higher education and scientific research at the highest level.
  • Create the best educational environment for students.
  • Strengthen the University's position and international authority as a leading University of Azerbaijan.
  • Increase a number of agreements with international partners and extend educational activity.
  • Continue to establish a universally recognized educational atmosphere at an international level, for global cooperation.
  • Produce graduates with employable labour skills, to meet high standards in both personal and professional aspects.
  • Maintain its position as an encouraging and stimulating power for conducting scientific research.
  • Seek to be progressive and not fall behind international educational trends.
  • Contribute to the economic, social and political development of Azerbaijan by training students to become graduate specialists who will uphold and support the needs of the country.

Profile and competences
There are 8 faculties/schools, 11 departments and 22 chairs at WCU. Our team includes 152 academic staff- 27 Doctors of science/professors and 42 associate professors. The University accepts students from all over the world regardless of race, sex, language, nationality or religion. Currently, the international community at the University includes students from Turkey, Albania, Portugal, Georgia, Iran, Nepal and Russia. Our multi-cultural family creates a favourable environment for education and training. WCU offers students the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Partnership & Theme Coordinator:

Nigar Abdukarimova
Cell: +99499 3944604

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