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Biocarbon Registry


BioCarbon Registry (BCR) is a certification and registration program that develops Carbon and Biodiversity Standards aligned with environmental and social sustainability actions.

The BCR standard of GHG initiatives provides services of Certification and Registration to projects from different sectors (Renewable energy projects, transport, waste management, and AFOLU, including REDD+), that demonstrate contributions to climate change mitigation through the issuance of Verified Carbon Credits -VCC for the global voluntary carbon market. In BCR, project holders can manage directly, transparently, and safely their credits with an integral Standard that provides all the support for its registration and facilitate bridges with global markets.

Contribute to the Global sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation goals in a transparent, trustworthy, and fair manner.

Integrity behind Verified Carbon Credits issuance
BCR guarantees that the credits of Verified Carbon Credits (VCC) that are issued under BCR standard correspond to real, additional, credible, and verifiable emission reductions.

BCR is a company committed with the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals SDG´s, the achievement of national commitments under the Paris agreements and foster a transformative and innovative climate change action.

Partnership & Theme Coordinator:

Angela Duque
CEO and General Director
Stefanny Diaz
Business Development Manager

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