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All Collaborators

Center for Development of Kyrgyz Nomadic Pastoralism


The public association “Centre for Development of Kyrgyz Nomadic Pastoralism” was created on the base of NGO SOS-LAND which has successfully worked in this area during past decade in the Kyrgyz Republic. We need these activities in a new form of relation like public management and responsibilities for livestock and pastures. Therefore, already the NGO organization has built up a good relationship with pastoralist communities. At present, our NGO organization works to strengthening sustainable pastoral development and for poverty reduction and environment management. Our organization has team leaders in all pastoralism regions and working in a consultative manner through local, regional, national and international partnerships to ensure that appropriate policies, legal mechanisms and support systems are established to enhance the economic, social and ecological sustainability of the pastoral livelihood systems. The aim of the NGO is to provide the social, economic and environmental arguments for pastoralism to improve perceptions of pastoralism as a viable and sustainable resource management system.

Our key team members include:

  1. Mrs. Gulmira Kulova: Team Leader and Expert of Environment. Studied the Master degree from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  2. Mrs. Saiakbaeva Aigul: Assistant Team Leader and Economist. Studied the Master degree.
  3. Mr. Saginbek Kakashev: Pastoralist (Herdsman).
  4. Mrs. Li Jazgul: Accountant and Finance.
  5. Mr. Li Valera, Mr. Pamir Kakashev and Mr. Damir Kakashev (all assistants)
  6. Dr. Saiakbai Kulov: Director

Contact Person:

Dr. Saiakbai Kulov

All Collaborators
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