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Farmers’ Seed Network


Farmers’ Seed Network was founded in 2013, established on the basis of Participatory Action Research works of the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Maize Research Institute of the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the Southwest China.

In October 2018, Farmers’ Seed Network was officially registered as a non-governmental organization in Nanning City, Guangxi. As a non-profit social organization, Farmers’ Seed Network has worked in 40 rural communities in 10 provinces across the country. We persevere the common property and public values of seeds, encourage communities collaborate with public research institutions to promote in situ conservation, utilization and innovation of farmers' seeds, improve farmers' livelihoods and enhance farmers' dignity, and promote national seed security.

Contact Person:

Xin Song
General Project Coordinator

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