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Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment & Human Wellness


Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment & Human Wellness (Global Foundation in short) is an environmental charity and social impact organization committed to bringing in innovative and enduring solutions to some of the key socio-environmental challenges through a multi-stakeholder, trans-disciplinary and hands-on approach.


A safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is not a luxury bestowed upon a privileged few; it is a right that entitles everyone on the planet to enjoy hygienic food, water, sanitation, health, wellness, and a blissful life. Furthermore, the Foundation envisions that such a state of environment and human wellness is realized when everyone contributes their self-driven, conscious, deliberate, responsible, and sustained efforts targeted towards advancement of socio-environmental causes.


To create and employ an aura of out-of-box thinking through the deployment of strategic arsenal to develop pragmatic and enduring solutions to perennial environmental problems impacting people, the planet, and prosperity with great agility.

Evolution of such an aura would germinate from judicious intermingling and integration of the expertise derived from the ideas of dedicated experts in the field, cutting-edge research on the issues of climate change and renewable energies, knowledge of the latest technological and methodological advances geared towards minimization of environmental damage, and a healthy dose of serendipity.

Founded on the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, the Foundation’s overall edifice is built on three conceptual pillars that can bring about a positive change in global environmental standards individually and collectively. These pillars are: the people, business, and the government.

The work of Global Foundation encompasses a wide range of issues - water resources (conservation & restoration of water bodies), climate action/ low-carbon energy solutions for cooking, heating and drying, building climate resilience at the community level, sustainable livelihood, SDGs, green skilling and environmental capacity enhancement.

Global Foundation has been members of FAO Mountain Partnership, UN Global Compact, Future of Tourism Coalition, IUCN #NatureForAll campaign, to name a few. It has been widely appreciated for working on rain water harvesting for ground water aquifer recharge and has received the Water Digest Water Awards in 2020 for the same, Scroll of Honour from the Noida Authority, Govt of Uttar Pradesh (India) for its contribution towards Swachhta Sarvekshan and Sustainability Innovation Award 1.0 for its overall work in the field of environment and sustainability.

Global Foundation is a brainchild of Indian American Academician, Philanthropist and renowned expert on Supply Chain Management - Prof Ashok Kumar. A distinguished alumni of Purdue University, USA, University of Birmingham, UK, and IIT – Kanpur, Prof Ashok has over 35 years-long distinguished career in American Management Education.

The foundation has a ‘Board of Trustees’ as the apex decision-making body and a professionally appointed Chief Executive, who functions as the head of the institution. The Chief Executive is supported by a group of multi-disciplinary professionals, who together as a team undertakes a range of projects and programmes at the foundation.

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Dr Pranab J Patar
Chief Executive

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