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Professor Emeritus (Tourism)

Department of Tourism Sport & Society

Lincoln University

Te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki

Lincoln 7647, Canterbury


Chair, Earth Check Research Institute

Fellow, International Academy for the Study of Tourism

Adjunct Professor, Griffith University, Australia

Areas of Expertise

  • Tourism
  • Impacts of tourism
  • Tourism management
  • Recreation, leisure and tourism geography
  • Tourism policy

Brief Bio

Prof. David retired from his role as Professor of Tourism at Lincoln University in 2020 and was awarded the enduring title of Emeritus Professor. During the course of his 40 years at the University, he had led three major research programmes within New Zealand. These are ‘Flows and Management of Tourism and its Impacts in NZ’ (1996 – 2005); ‘Enhancing the Financial, Economic (and Sustainable) Yield from Tourism in NZ’. Most recently his company ‘Destination Diagnostics’ has been engaged by Stafford and Associates on the South Island Destination Management Plan (2020), the Te Manahuna Ki Uta (2022), Waitaki (2022) and other Destination Management Plans. Under his leadership and advocacy, Lincoln University has established ‘Sustainable Tourism for Regions, Landscapes and Communities’, a research centre, which has the Waitaki catchment as its primary case study area. In terms of international engagement, he was the Director of Research for Australia’s Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (2008 – 2010) and is the Chair of the EarthCheck Global Research Institute. He had the opportunity to work on international tourism (planning and governance) programmes in Cambodia (WWF), Mauritius (UNDP), Niue, Vanuatu (UNWTO/UNDP), Nepal (ITTO, MFAT and WWF), India (WWF), Sarawak (E. Malaysia), and DPR (North) Korea (UNWTO) and, more recently, the sustainability platform for the Azores (Govt. of Portugal).

He is a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, and the Council of Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Educators (CAUTHE). In 2020, Dr. David was awarded tourism’s most prestigious individual honour, the Sir Jack Newman Award. Established in 1963, the award recognises an outstanding industry leader who has completed outstanding service to the tourism industry, including a substantial degree of personal involvement over and above what is normally expected.

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