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All Experts & Faculties


University Professor

Department of Administration

State Academy of Applied Sciences in Wloclawek


& Visiting Researcher

School of Theology, Philosophical Faculty

University of Eastern Finland


& Academic Associate

Centre for Law and Religion

School of Law and Politics

Cardiff University (UK)

& Lecturer

Department of Law

University of Guyana


Areas of Expertise

Constitutional Law; Philosophy of Law; Law and Morality; Religion and Politics; Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Contemporary Continental Philosophy; Philosophical and Cultural Anthropology; Diversity Management; Gender Studies; Intercultural Communication; Business Ethics; Roman Law; History of Law; International Law; Legal Pluralism; European Union; Wittgenstein; Medieval Philosophy; Aristotle; Argumentation; Corporate Governance; Corporate Finance; Law & Economics; Political Economy of Regulation; Social and Cultural Anthropology; Indigenous Rights in the Arctic; Indigenous Studies

Brief Bio

Prof. Dawid Bunikowski holds a PhD from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland (2009), and resides in North Karelia, eastern Finland. He is Professor at the State University of Applied Sciences in Wloclawek (Poland) and Visiting Scholar in the University of Eastern Finland School of Theology. He is also Lecturer at the University of Guyana (Department of Law) and Academic Associate at Cardiff University (School of Law and Politics, Centre for Law and Religion, UK). He was Postdoctoral Researcher (Law) at the University of Eastern Finland. Before he had been Vice Dean and Assistant Professor in Toruń School of Banking as well as being granted ministerial awards for an “outstanding young scholar” in his native Poland. He works on legal philosophy, ethics, law and religion, Arctic indigenous rights, Nordic welfare state and migration, and other issues.

Publications (Weblink only), if any:

  • Philosophies of Polar Law, ed. D. Bunikowski, A.D. Hemmings, Routledge 2021
  • (with A. Szpak), Saami truth and reconciliation commissions, International Journal of Human Rights, 2021
  • Why Religion? Towards a Critical Philosophy of Law, Peace and God, ed. D. Bunikowski, A. Puppo, Springer 2020;
  • Immigration and the Survival of Nordic Welfare State: Can the Welfare State Survive in the Time of the Last Refugee Crisis? In: How to Deal with Refugees? Europe as a Continent of Dreams, ed. G. Besier, K. Stoklosa, Berlin, 2018
All Experts & Faculties
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