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Associate Professor

Research Lab of Architectural Morphology and Theory of Architectural Design

Department of Architectural Design,

School of Architecture

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Athens (Greece)

Areas of Expertise

Architectural design and architectural heritage

Brief Bio

Prof. Elena Konstantinidou is a qualified architect (National Technical University of Athens 1991) with a Masters in ‘Architecture – Design – Space - Culture” (NTUA, 2004). She also attended a series of post graduate courses on: “New uses in old buildings”, “Urban regeneration - Local development - participatory planning”, “Typology and Urban Space” etc. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture NTUA, in the Department of Architectural Design, Research Lab of Architectural Morphology and Theory of Architectural Design (since 2000). Her academic interest focuses on "Architectural design and architectural heritage”. She teaches, at the undergraduate level, courses on architectural heritage and contemporary interventions in historic environments, Analysis and study of historical monuments and ensembles, Morphological Analysis in Contemporary Architecture as well as architectural design.

She also participates and coordinates courses on interdepartmental postgraduate programs of NTUA: a. “Protection of Monuments”, b. “Environment and Development”, particularly in the 2nd stream “Environment and Development of Mountain Regions”, held annually in the Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (MIRC) in Metsovo, Greece. She also participates and teaches in the postgraduate program of "Reuse of buildings and ensembles" of the University of Thessaly, as well as the International Postgraduate Program Erasmus Mundus Joint Master on "Architecture, Landscape and Archeology" carried out in collaboration with NTUA with SAPIENZA Università di Roma (Italy), the University of Coimbra (Portugal), and the University Federico II di Napoli (Italy). She also attends and is a member of committees for postgraduate, and undergraduate theses, dissertations and has also been a visiting professor in foreign universities (Università Iuav di Venezia, University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem etc.)

Her research interests are concentrated in the area of recognition, protection, and enhancement of cultural heritage, while her publications fall within the scope of corresponding issues.

Her publications focus mainly on the methodology of recognition of the cultural identity of traditional settlements, the promotion, protection, and development of cultural landscapes, identity and development prospects of mountain areas, the re-interpretation of historical environment, and the issues of new architecture in historic contexts. It includes book editing, articles in books, scientific journals, conferences proceedings, etc.

Her research experience includes participation in a number of programs and projects on industrial heritage, conservation, re-utilization, integration of old towns, protection and promotion of Archaeological Sites, protection and development of cultural landscapes and mountainous areas, structural investigation of settlements, rescue and recovery capabilities, reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas, exploration of Potentials for Integration and Rehabilitation of new uses in old buildings, etc. She has also participated and organized, as part of scientific and organized committee, many national and international seminars, workshops, scientific meetings, and conferences

She has reached 30 years of professional experience, focusing on architectural design and construction. Her projects include residences and houses in traditional settlements, urban residential complexes, surveying and building restorations etc. Has also published architectural work in association with participation and further distinctions within the frame of National and International architectural competitions (15 entries, 4 awards).

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