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Full Professor & Director

Research Center for Agricultural Sciences and

Environmental Protection

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and

Environmental Protection

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu


& National Focal Point, SBSTTA, CBD:


Areas of Expertise

Agro-biodiversity, plant genetic resources, access for benefit sharing, genetics, biochemistry, plant biotechnology, capacity building for climate change, desertification, biosafety and biodiversity conservation.

Brief Bio

In the last 12 years I have been involved mainly in surveying and describing crops varieties in rural areas of SE Transylvania – Romania. Also, I was devoted to understand and develop starting with 2010 a tool for emphasizing the erosion process for crops varieties namely the red listing of crops varieties for Romania as a Member States of the European Union. Traditional knowledge (TK) analysis in the rural area is also a topic of my current research furthermore being interested in analysing and defining new innovative subjects that are required to act as tools to connect the access to genetic resources to food security in rural areas as well as to biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing for long term.

Between 2006-2009 as a Chief officer into the Romanian Ministry of Environment and the Direction of biodiversity conservation (including protected areas and biosafety) I have been mainly involved in administrative management tasks: management, negotiations, developing and analysing regulatory frameworks and strategies in biodiversity conservation and connected subjects at national, European Union and international levels.

My academic background is also grounded by the position I occupied as a researcher for 8 years into the Institute of Biology from Bucharest Romania, Romanian Academy in the laboratory for plant cytogenetics and biotechnology (1994-2006).

Between 1994-1998 I run the industrial laboratory for plant biotechnology in Codlea Brasov county, Romania where I developed different in vitro micropropagation protocols for ornamentals (indoor and outdoor plant species) and potatoes.

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