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Research Professor

Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU),

High North Department - Tromsø

& Norsk Institutt for kulturminneforskning

Oslo (Norway)

Brief Bio

I work interdisciplinary at the intersection of social and natural science with special emphasis on how natural resources use and the development of adaptive management systems requires the integration of knowledge from anthropology and ecology. I have broad experience working both quantitatively and qualitatively in my research on pastoral and other socio-ecological systems. I have experience from studies of the Saami reindeer husbandry in Norway and nomadic pastoralists in Tibet. Specifically, I have been concerned with understanding how: (1) labour investment and cooperation influence pastoral production; (2) pastoral decision-making affects herd dynamics; and (3) nomadic pastoralists manage environmental risk. More recently, I have been using a comparative approach to investigate: (1) the rationale and consequences of governmental management policies; (2) the effects of climate change; and (3) how governmental management policies may both exacerbate the negative effects of climate change and transform traditional social institutions (i.e. transforming flexible cooperative systems like the siida in Norway and ru skor in Tibet) into inflexible hierarchical institutions. During both my PhD and postdoctoral project I have been primarily been working on Saami reindeer husbandry in northern Norway. More recently, through a “Young research talent” grants awarded by the Research Council of Norway, I’ve been also working comparatively with Saami reindeer herders and pastoralists on the Tibetan Plateau.

Academic Areas of Expertise
Nomadic Pastoralism; Reindeer Husbandry;Tibetan Pastoralists; Pastoral Adaptation; RiskManagement; Labour and Production; Mobilityand Land Use; Cooperation and Competition; Game Theory; Interdisciplinary Approaches (Social Science-Ecology); Human Ecology; Human Behavioural Ecology; Climate Change; Policy; Social Organization; Experimental Economic Games; Conservation; Theoretical Modelling; Quantitative Methods/Statistical Modelling; Qualitative Methods; Social Network Analysis, Social Norms and Behaviour.

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