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Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities (IUEH)



Academician Stepan Demianchuk Interanational University of Economics and Humanities (IUEH) is the first private education institution in Western Ukraine and started its education activity in 1993.

The IUEH has 9 faculties: Faculty of Journalism, Faculty of Cybernetics. Faculty of Economics, Faculty of History and Philology, Faculty European Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Nature and Geography, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Health, Physical Training and Sport. The number of students every year is around 5500 including Bachelors, Masters, Graduate students.

The University has five modern educational buildings, the largest in the region Sports and Recreation Complex, a swimming pool, own hostels, computer classes, a publishing center, a library with an electronic catalog etc. In our University there are creative and scientific clubs, students’ theater, and club of cheerful and sharp-witted, dance clubs. We are proud of our athletes, the winners and prize-winners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the World and European Championships.


IUEH has established productive relationship with many foreign higher education institutions of different countries, in particular: Georgia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Finland, Spain, Great Britain and the USA. Agreements concluded with foreign partner universities include the exchange of students and teachers, the study of students abroad, the publishing of joint collections of scientific works, the publication of joint scientific journals, the conduct of joint research, the organization and conduct of international scientific conferences and seminars, exhibitions and forums.

IUEH actively participates in international conferences, forums, seminars, guest lectures and other events held in partner universities.For many years, IUEH has been implementing joint training programs with partners in Poland and Hungary.

IUEH participates in Erasmus+, House of Europe, British Counsil and other projects. In 2018, the Faculty of Journalism of IUEH won a grant Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism (DESTIN).

In 2021, as part of the DESTIN project, the University became a member of the European Journalism Training Association (Mechelen, Belgium), which opens up new opportunities, participation in new international projects and events.


The main idea of the mission is reflected in the slogan of the university:

Quality of education! Quality of work! Quality of life!

IUEH aims to provide high-quality training of a competent competitive specialist capable of research and innovation thinking with the need and skills of continuous professional development in natural sciences, law, humanities, education, economics -technological, information and communication spheres.


IUEH is a prestigious, recognized by the European academic community, university that forms a highly educated, nationally conscious personality, ensures its professional development, creates conditions for creative self-realization, research and international cooperation and mobility.

The vision is achieved through the implementation of development projects and programs in accordance with the values of the IUEH.

Partnership Coordinator:

Alina Lavreniuk
International-Project Department

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