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All General Partners

Alica Foundation, Banja Luka

Bosnia i Herzegovina

ALICA FOUNDATION, BANJA LUKA Initiative for Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology

The Foundation 'Alica' was founded in 2021. The main goal of Foundation is knowledge-based encouragement, stimulation, development, improvement and promotion of conservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity and traditional knowledge and practices and development of agroecology in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our mission is strengthens sustainable family farming through agroecology as a holistic movement, practice and science that strives to reconcile agriculture and local communities with natural processes and preservation of agrobiodiversity for the common benefit of nature and livelihoods.

Our vision is envisions diverse, fairness and equitable food and agricultural systems based in food sovereignty and rooted in nature and culture. Food sovereignty is the human right to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and right's the people to define their own food and agriculture systems.

Our activities are:

  • supporting family farming, especially young people and women interested in the preservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity and traditional knowledge and the application and development of the concept of agroecology;
  • advocating and lobbying for peasants'' / farmers’ rights and food sovereignty;
  • organizing manifestations, exhibitions, presentations, symposiums, workshops, cultural events, round tables, donor conferences and similar events for the purpose of achieving the goals of the Foundation,
  • publishing brochures and other publications in printed and electronic form,
  • other activities that contribute to the promotion of: human rights, equality and equality in the fight against poverty and discrimination, activities of children and young people, the fight against various forms of addiction, the development of volunteerism, humanitarian activities, environmental protection, nature protection, human health protection, art, education , cultures, etc.

The Foundation participates in the Balkan Seed Network –BSN, which purpose is to increase conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in agriculture and stimulate resilient food systems establishing a paradigm of collaboration, within the rich biodiversity and agricultural heritage of the Balkans (

The Foundation also participates in the Bilim Network - the European and Central Asia Agroecology community of practice digital sharing platform (

Partnership & Theme Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Gordana Đurić,
Chair of Board of Directors

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