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All General Partners

Civil Coalition for the Mountain (CCM)


The Civil Coalition for the Mountain (CCM) is a non-profit organization in the form of an alliance established among 120 associations working in different fields in the four mountain ranges from north to south of Morocco. The CCM aims to maintain an advocacy dynamic, having an impact on the resolution of mountain problems, capable of promoting appropriate and equitable public policies responding to the specificities of mountain areas. The CCM is dedicated to the principles of human rights, active citizenship and sustainable development.


Act in favor of the mountain’s resilience and sustainable development and its populations’ right to dignity and social justice, through policy and grassroots advocacy, lobbying, networking and education.


Contribute to the elaboration of appropriate public policies and the adoption af the mountain law with the aim of ensuring social and territorial justice in mountain areas.


Sensitize and mobilize local leaders to voice their legitimate demands and involve them in the implementation of the advocacy activities in such a way as to urge the decision makers to take the right measures in this regard.

The Civil Coalition for the Mountain’s governing instances are elected by the General Assembly and composed of the national Council, the National Secretariat (the Executive Board) in addition to Regional and Provincial coordinating boards. These instances are supported by a Scientific commission and a number of volunteering technical advisors.

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Partnership & Theme Coordinator:
Mr. Mohamed Ddich

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