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Hungarian Agroecology Network Association


The Hungarian Agroecology Network Association (MAH) or Magyarországi Agroökológia Hálózat Egyesület (MAH) is an independent, non- profit and internationally active civil society organization that was born through cooperation between partners over the last decade in Hungary, formalizing into a network in the autumn of 2019 and becoming a legal entity in February 2022.

The aim of this multistakeholder, transdisciplinary and intergenerational network is to link and strengthen the efforts of those working within various fields related to agroecology, to serve as a physical and intellectual meeting point, a knowledge-producing and - sharing community and an advocacy organization. The long-term goal is to promote a national and international agroecological transformation of practices and policies and the implementation of food sovereignty through joint work and movement building, and to work together to create socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural production, processing and distribution systems in Hungary – and beyond.

Since the launch of the network, members have been inspired to initiate more collaborative activities, such as organizing international conferences, practical trainings for farmers and related actors, carrying out participatory action research and publishing locally an internationally relevant results focusing on Hungary and Central Europe, and most importantly raising awareness about the multiple benefits of agroecology and the motivating factors for transition.

Currently, MAH is co-organising with Agroecology Europe, the European association promoting agroecology in Europe, the next Agroecology Europe Forum happening in November 2023 in Hungary; while consolidating the association in order to welcome new members, besides the 60 current ones (peasants, food producers, researchers, academia, members of civil society organisations, etc.).

Partnership & Theme Coordinator:

Lili Balogh
Katalin Réthy (Executive Board Member)
Hungarian Agroecology Network Association
Tatársor 6., Kecskemét
6000. Hungary
Tel: +36 30 210 62 86 (president)
Tel: +36 30 226 66 47 (board member)

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