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Lviv Polytechnic National University


Lviv Polytechnic National University is the oldest technical higher educational institution in Ukraine and East Europe. It was founded in 1816. University consists of 17 institutes, more than 100 departments; autonomous, additional and general subdivisions. The research is conducted in the following areas: architecture and design; civil and environmental engineering; power engineering and control systems; geodesy; computer sciences and information technologies; computer technologies, automation and metrology; nanotechnologies, advanced materials and production technologies; telecommunications, radio and electronic engineering; chemistry and chemical technologies; biotechnology; mechanical engineering and transport; applied mathematics and fundamental sciences; humanities and social sciences; law and psychology; economics and management.

Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 1992 as the Institute of Humanities Education. The scientific activity of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences is carried out in a single scientific direction: "Actual problems of the humanities and social sciences." Research work is focused on the implementation of registered departmental topics, which in accordance with the development plan of the institute are directed to those areas that correspond to the areas of training and specialties, which are prepared by the departments of IHSS.

The Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences trains specialists in the following specialties: "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies", "Social Communication and Information Activities", "Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage", "Sociology" and "Social Work", at the educational and qualification levels of bachelor and master, as well as provides general training in humanities and social sciences for students of all specialties of Lviv Polytechnic.

Mission Statement
to form future leaders who work wisely, creatively, effectively…

Vision Statement
to become the best university in Ukraine according to international and national rankings

Research Goals

The priorities for the development of the humanities in the perspective of research of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences are:

  • social communications and information activities;
  • innovative potential of historical and cultural heritage;
  • history of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic";
  • human dimensions of the modern socio-cultural process: local and global context;
  • paradigms, methods and scientific achievements in the context of teaching foreign languages and the formation of professional competence of teachers in higher education;
  • lexical and semantic aspects of professional and artistic discourse;
  • topical issues of studying the Ukrainian language and literature;
  • problems of physical education and sports of freelance students.

The priority topics of social development in the perspective of research are:

  • problems of history and theory of political science, Ukrainian state formation, electoral process, formation of political culture of society;
  • current issues of international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine and other states;
  • regional studies and problems of cross-border cooperation;
  • integration processes in Europe and the world;
  • modern aspects of diplomatic activity and consular service.
  • generalization of the experience of Poland and Ukraine and technology transfer in dealing with behavioral (character) dependencies;
  • practice of regulating social problems in self-governing communities: European principles in Ukrainian realities;
  • development of community health: implementation of European experience in Ukraine;

The Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences publishes the scientific journal Humanitarian Vision, which belongs to the professional journals of political and philosophical sciences (Category B) and is indexed in the scientific-metric database Index Copernicus

Profile and competences

The institute provides training in the following specialties:

  • Bachelor's degree: museum studies, monument science; information, library and archival affairs; International relations, public communications and regional studies; social security; social work; sociology.
  • master's level: museum studies, monument science; information, library and archival affairs; International relations, public communications and regional studies; social security; social work; sociology.
  • postgraduate, doctoral: history and archeology; philosophy; Politology; sociology; engineering software; information systems and technologies; international relations, public communications and regional studies.

More than 1349 students study at the institute. Graduates of the institute can work in public authorities and local governments, departments involved in the study and implementation of international relations and regional cooperation, diplomatic missions and consular posts, visa centers, translation agencies, government and non-governmental organizations that provide social services to various categories of the population , in specialized sociological services, as well as monument protection institutions, travel agencies and institutions that provide excursion services and in international organizations for the protection of cultural heritage. Graduates can perform information and analytical work, public opinion research, strategic planning, forecasting, administration and government and commercial structures.

Students participate in international student mobility programs, in particular at the first and second levels of higher education there is a program of double degrees. Teachers of the institute are constantly improving their skills, internships in educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad, international organizations, participate in international projects.

Partnership Coordinator:

Dr. Liliia Ye. Klos,
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Sociology & Social Work
Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Lviv Polytechnic National University


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