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Public Organization "Institute of Socio-Economic Regional Studies"


Public Organization «Institute of Socio-Economic Regional Studies»

The main purpose Institute of Socio-Economic Regional Studies is to promote sustainable socio-economic regional development and meet the social needs of members and other citizens.

The main Activities of the Organization are:

  • organization of socio-economic monitoring of regional development, risk assessment, publication of results, development of analytical reports and forecasts;
  • promoting the formation of a new type of worldview and economic thinking of citizens, according to the principles of sustainable development, educational activities;
  • exchange of experience in the fields of economics, social protection, ecology, science, tourism, education, agro-industrial production;
  • development of projects in the field of protection of nature reserves and historical and cultural funds, promoting their implementation and attracting economic assets for regional development;
  • promoting the improvement of legislation on issues related to the purpose of the Organization;
  • development, substantiation and implementation of projects on sustainable economic development and social entrepreneurship;
  • promoting the development and development of a legal, democratic civil society;
  • involvement of the scientific community in the formation of state and regional socio-economic, cultural, educational, environmental and agricultural policies, making appropriate proposals to the authorities, participation in the preparation of decisions;

Scientific Approaches in the Activities of the Organization:

The members of the organization use in their activities scientific approaches and their own scientific developments related to regional development, as the basis of the volunteers involved in the activities of the organization are research and teaching staff of universities. It is their recommendations and developments that become the basis for further steps and appropriate decisions. Specialists of the organization act as experts at different levels of management: from national to local. The organization and its members are involved in the Coordinating Council and Sectoral Groups for the Development of a System of Local Government Performance Indicators (Pilot Project of USAID and the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine “Decentralization Brings Better Results and Efficiency” DOBRE).

Practical Aspects of the Organization:

Practical work aimed at socio-economic regional development is one of the priorities of our activities. The members of the organization provide consulting services on the effective conduct of economic activity and organizational development of business entities. We are making significant efforts to effectively cooperate with local governments on attracting resources for local regional development. In addition, the experts of our organization have developed a number of guidelines that have a practical direction and relate to the registration and valuation of historical and cultural heritage; assessments of tourist intangible assets of communities: assessments of the attractiveness of social entrepreneurship, etc. These materials are used in the practical activities of local authorities, the National Nature Park "Podilski Tovtry", the National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Kamianets".

Educational Activities:

The public organization "Institute of Socio-Economic Regional Studies" pays special attention to the education of economically and socially conscious personality. This is manifested in the daily work with student youth, in the organization of their education and leisure. In addition, the organization is a regional partner of the Center for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility, and, together with the United Nations Population Fund and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, within the Pact for Youth - 2025 implements programs: "Skills Lab: a successful career" and Skills Lab: Own Business, which aim to develop relevant practical competencies in young people.

We are Interested in Sustainable Socio-Economic Regional Development:

We pay considerable attention to strengthening the role of the scientific community in making important decisions related to regional development. To this end, ISERS members take an active part in the work of the Public Council of Local Self-Government (Kamianets-Podilsky City Territorial Community) and are chairmen of relevant commissions: budget and education commissions, members of the working group for protection and preservation of Smotrych canyon. In addition, activists of our organization share practical and scientific experience at various conferences and seminars on sustainable development in the context of solving socio-economic and environmental problems. The Institute of Socio-Economic Regional Studies invites scientific organizations, universities, research and teaching staff, government officials and local governments, NGOs, business representatives, active citizens who are close to the topic of socio-economic regional development!

We are convinced that only the joint efforts of scientists, practitioners, authorities and the public will contribute to the development of a socially oriented society and bring positive changes!

Our Address:

Of. 62A/17, Hrushevsky St.,
Kamianets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytskyi region,
Ukraine, 32300
Tel.: +380 968385473
Email :

Partnership/Theme Coordinator:

Dr. Alla Pecheniuk
Associate Professor
E-mail :

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