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UNIMONT – University of Milan


The mission of the University of Milan, established in 1924, is to contribute to society through the pursuit of teaching/education and research at the highest international levels of excellence. It is the only Italian member among the 23 prestigious Universities of the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

With a teaching staff of about 2.200 tenured professors and with almost 60.000 students, the University of Milan is the largest university in Lombardy, one of the most dynamic and internationally-oriented EU regions. The University of Milan offers several study programmes covering three macro-disciplinary areas:

  1. Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
  2. Medicine and Healthcare
  3. Natural Sciences

The broad range of subjects taught, in the running 79 Undergraduate programmes, 57 Master programmes, 9 Single-cycle programmes, 21 Doctoral Schools, and several Advanced Vocational programmes, attracts students from all of Italy and the whole world. In addition to its excellent level of education, the University of Milan has an established reputation as one of the institutions most strongly committed to basic and applied research in Europe.

Research activities are conducted in 33 Departments and 22 Inter-departmental Research Centres, with more than 24.000 scientific publications in the last three years, 222 patent family and 24 active spin-off. 5 scientists from the University that have been ranked as highly cited by the ISI – Institute for Scientific Information (USA). The University’s researchers occupy leading positions in numerous research programmes conducted both at a national and international level. 4 technological platforms equipped with next-gen instrumentation are available for implementing research activities: COSPECT (spectroscopic, spectrometric and diffractometric analysis- spectroscopy), INDACO (computing power and data storage), NOLIMITS (imaging – light, confocal and electron microscopy) e OMICs (proteomic and metabolomics).

The University of Milan is constantly developing projects in cooperation with some of the most relevant international research groups, often acting as activities coordinator. The interdisciplinary and intersectoral nature of such projects is enabled by the wide spectrum of basic and applied research activities present in University of Milan, spanning from Life, Physical and Social Sciences to Humanities.

One of the main goals of the University of Milan is also the development of activities aimed to knowledge exchange and technology transfer in partnerships with key external organizations.

University of Milan aims to promote gender equality in all its operations and to prevent unlawful gender discrimination. Since 2008 University of Milan has been developing Gender Action Plans, aimed at promoting equal opportunities in access to education and in career progression, protecting workers’ and students’ personal dignity and freedom, promoting work-life and consolidating the institutional network supporting equal opportunities. Moreover, University of Milan participates in the FP7 European Project STAGES whose aim is supporting young women researchers, increased visibility of women’s contribution to science and technology and women as role models and improving women-friendly work environment.

UNIMI is actively promoting and supporting its internationality with English being the official language in the 31 PhD programmes, and the only language in one Bachelor programme and 10 Master and Single-cycle programmes. Other courses are partially held in English with 3 Masters of two years and one Single-cycle university programme of 5 years. UNIMI organizes 2 international Master programmes with courses held both in Milan, as well as in other countries, and with the possibility of obtaining a double degrees in two different countries of the consortium and 3 joint international PhD programmes organized in Milano together with other foreign Universities. Exchanges of students, scientists and professors with foreign universities are also encouraged and promoted by UNIMI that not only participates to several European and non-European exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, LLP – Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus Mundus, Socrates, European Research Council, Business Exchange and Student Training, Fulbright, Galileo, Vinci and Vigoni programmes), but also have several specific international agreements with universities and research centers from all over the world. Finally grants for excellent researchers and students to specialize abroad are also funded by UNIMI.

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The University Centre of Excellence “Mountain University (UNIMONT)” is an innovative training and research centre of the University of Milan, specialised in the study and analysis of issues regarding mountain areas, born thanks to the collaboration between local governance bodies and entities and the University of Milan and consolidated on the basis of a framework agreement between the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and Milan University.

UNIMONT, thanks to the provision of courses aimed at producing experts with specific competences on mountain issues and a considerable amount of research activity, intends to promote the protection and sustainable development of mountain areas concentrating in particular on the conservation of socio-cultural and biological diversity, the production of high-quality local products, the prevention of hydrogeological instability, the safeguarding of water resources and the preservation of landscapes attractiveness for the development of sustainable tourism.

The Mountain University is located in the heart of the Alps, in Edolo, in the Camonica Valley, Brescia province, Italy and was born thanks to the collaboration between local entities and the University of Milan. The bachelor degree course in “Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain areas” established 1996 and over time has gained the consensus and collaboration of the most important organizations and institutions competent in mountain issues. In 2006, based on the need to conduct applied research focusing on mountain specific challenges, the Center of Applied Studies for the Sustainable Management and Protection of Mountain Areas (Ge.S.Di.Mont)” was established.

UNIMONT aims to experiment and promote methodological and operational innovation specifically suitable for the distinctive features, complexity and requirements of mountain areas, through the activation of a highly qualified and diversified training provision together with valuable research activities. For this reason, UNIMONT is made up of two entities that operate in a complementary way for the development of mountain areas: the three-year degree course in “Conservation and Sustainable Development of Mountain areas”, the master’s degree course in “Valorization and sustainable development of mountain areas” and the Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center.

Partnership Coordinators:

Prof. Anna Giorgi
UNIMONT, University of Milan

Dr. Luca Giupponi
UNIMONT, University of Milan

General Contact:

UNIMONT - Ge.S.Di.Mont. Research Center
University of Milan
Via Morino 8 – 25048 Edolo (BS)
Tel: +39 02503-30500

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