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NatRisk - University of Torino


The Interdepartmental Research Centre on Natural Risks in Mountain and Hilly Environments - NatRisk - was born in 2010 based on the experience and initiative of the Departments and Research Units of the University of Torino (Italy) that conducts research activities in mountain and hilly environments.

Mission Statement

NatRisk is a network for theoretical, experimental, and applied research and for results dissemination in the field of prediction, prevention, and management of natural risks in mountain and hilly environments.

Research Goals

The main subjects of research are:

  • Environmental and integrated management systems for mountain areas.
  • Geomorphological studies of high mountains, for geodiversity assessment, hazard mapping and risk management.
  • Rural landscapes assessment and evaluation in hilly and mountain contexts.
  • Sustainable and smart mountain tourism.
  • Biogeochemistry and soil properties in seasonally snow-covered areas.
  • Meteorological and climatical processes of interaction between atmosphere and soil, numerical modelling, crop modelling.

Thanks to the integration of Scholars coming from several Departments and Research Units, NatRisk represents a platform with a strong multidisciplinary approach.

Profile and competences

About 40 Researchers and Professors of the University of Torino participate in the activities of the Centre, belonging to the following Departments or Research Units:

  1. Research Centre for Rural Development of Hilly Areas
  2. Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
  3. Department of Psychology
  4. Department of Management
  5. Department of Cultures, Politics and Society
  6. Department of Earth Sciences
  7. Department of Physics
  8. Department of Chemistry
  9. Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning

NatRisk has also 5 decentralized laboratories in mountain contexts as the “Angelo Mosso” Scientific Institute (2,901 m a.s.l.) and the “Regina Margherita” mountain hut that, being located on the Monte Rosa Massif at 4,552 m, is the highest mountain hut in the Alps.

Furthermore, NatRisk has more than 61 collaborations with research centres, 33 of which at international level, and co-organize 2 international schools (IPROMO and GeoNatHaz).

More than 100 ISI publications have been produced by NatRisk’s members.

Partnership Coordinator

Dr. Stefano Duglio
Associate Professor in Environmental Management Systems & Vice-president of NatRisk

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