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Central Himalayan Institute for Nature & Applied Research (CHINAR)


CHINAR (Central Himalayan Institute for Nature & Applied Research), India was founded in 2016 for the sustainable development of the mountains. The organization is working on applied research, livelihood improvement, indigenous knowledge system, and advocacy. The organization is a member of the United Nations FAO Mountain Partnership and is a recipient of The Hallbars Hall of fame Award from Alfred Nobel Museum, Sweden for best sustainability reporting in 2021. The organization also won Sustainability Tourism Award by PHD Chamber of Commerce, UNDP, and Uttarakhand Tourism in 2019.

Mission Statement

To improve the mountain environment through applied research, capacity development program and provide livelihoods opportunities for wellbeing of the people and maintain sustainable mountain ecosystem

Research Goals

The organization takes research & development, survey, and capacity development activities in the following key thematic areas:

  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Livelihoods
  • Energy (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy)
  • Freshwater
  • Education (mainly environment education)
  • Capacity Development,
  • Skill Development,
  • Health, etc.

Profile and competences

The main focus of the organization will be Himalaya mainly Western Himalaya but will not be confined to Himalaya only if there will be opportunities to contribute to the cause of environment. The main focus states are:

  • Uttarakhand
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu & Kashmir (Laddakh region)


  • Mountain Partnership FAO, Rome
  • IUCN Nature for All
  • Grassroots Global Canada
  • Xaviers School of Sustainability, Xavier University Bhubaneswar
  • WIPRO Foundation
  • Vitamin Angels
  • Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board
  • FITT, IIT Delhi
  • Mountain Homestay
  • India@75

Profile of Trustees

Dr. Pradeep Mehta – Is the Founder Trustee and Honorary Chairman of CHINAR. He has a doctorate degree in forestry and over 15 years of postdoctoral experience in natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods (mainly agriculture) in the western Himalayan areas of Uttarakhand, Himachal and Laddakh. He has received a Junior Research Fellowship as part of Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education; Nuffic Fellowship (Netherlands Fellowship Programme) and IPRMO 2017 Fellowship of FAO of the United Nations.

Before establishing CHINAR he worked for international organizations like Earthwatch Institute as Senior Manager. Appropriate Technology Asia as Country Representative & Programme Director India. He also worked with other grassroots organization like Himmotthan Dehradun (Sir Ratan Tata Cell), Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA) Nainital and Centre for Development Studies (CDS) Nainital.

He is member of IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), Commission on Environment Communication (CEC), and Commission on Protected Areas. He is also member of Global Citizen Science Association. He is Dale Carnegie certified trainer and also certified trainer of GIZ India.

His area of expertise is natural resource management, watershed management, sustainable agriculture, mountain livelihoods, watershed management, project development and management, research expeditions, citizen science, training and capacity development.

Ghanshyam Pande Kalki - Is a Trustee. Masters in Sociology, he is a passionate bird lover and traveler. He has worked for National and International environment and development organizations like Earthwatch Institute and Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA). Experience in leading expeditions related to bird watching, trekking, wildlife, and citizen science teams, etc., in the Himalaya. Experience of developing eco-tourism in Himalaya. Leads eco-tourism projects at CHINAR.

Ram Singh Koranga – Is a Trustee of CHINAR. Masters in Sociology, has almost 12 years of experience in community development projects in Himalaya. Worked in Uttarakhand and Laddakh on different issues like agriculture, natural resource management, renewable energy, livelihoods, capacity development, social surveys, micro-finance, etc. Worked for national and international organization like Appropriate Technology Asia and Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA).

Partnership/Theme Coordinator:

Ghanshyam Pande
Email: or
Dr. Pradeep Mehta
Founder & Honorary Chairman

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