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All Lead Partners

Rural Development Fund


Rural Development Fund (RDF) attaches special importance to local, national and international factors in the implementation of development goals. We actively engage local communities, government agencies and donors to identify priority areas and ways to implement rural development goals. We offer innovative ideas and approaches based on our considerable experience in Kyrgyzstan and the region as a whole, as well as our expertise in such areas as natural resource management, local government, social mobilization and integration, and the rural economy.

RDF has experience in implementing joint programs involving several projects and / or donors. RDF has practical experience in the development of technical assistance projects, mobilization of personnel, involvement of local partners, ensuring effectiveness and proper execution of the experience gained and lessons learned for subsequent dissemination.RDF conducts legal and economic reviews, develops survey tools, selects and trains interviewers and makes an analysis that reflects local conditions and specifics, and also monitors their work, manages data entry and analysis, and provides its reports in English, Russian and Kyrgyz. RDF has a group of experienced professionals engaged in field research and controllers in all areas of Kyrgyzstan.

RDF applies a wide range of local and international experience to achieve development goals. We structured our research and analysis in such a way as to focus on the unique circumstances of the target communities. We build our work on accurate, practical observation of local dynamics.

Our main principles

Our main focus is “An individual approach to solving specific problems in specific places”.


We try to be extremely honest and tell the truth, how unpleasant it would not be. We take development issues seriously and expect the same from our partners.

A responsibility

We comply with the deadlines and promptly respond to the proposals of our partners, which involves maintaining constant contact with them to achieve maximum efficiency. It also means that we do not undertake more than we are able to do.


RDF seeks to actively cooperate with government agencies, community-based organizations, academia, research centers and donor groups in order to maximize the impact of its activities and properly fulfill its mission. RDF has experience in implementing joint programs involving several projects and / or donors.


We treat each project as something new and special, using innovative approaches and working methods of RDF. Applying the time-tested traditional classical methods, as well as innovative and creative methods, we maximally achieve the goals and objectives.

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Partnership Coordinator

Ms. Kuluipa Akmatova

All Lead Partners
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