Each of organizing partner of this program has nominated one member to act as the member of Organizing Committee. Their names are as under:

Country Organisation Details
Austria Independent
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Nachtnebel

Professor Emeritus

Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Hungary ECOVAST-Hungary
Dr. Bálint Csaba

India Central Himalayan Institute for Nature & Applied Research
Dr. Pradeep Mehta

Founder & Honorary Chairman
Italy World Agricultural Heritage Forum
Prof. Dr. ParvizKoohafkan

Italy Interdepartmental Research Centre on Natural Risks in Mountain and Hilly Environments - NatRisk, University of Torino
Dr. Stefano Duglio

Associate Professor in Environmental

Management Systems &

Vice-President of NatRisk
Kyrgyzstan Rural Development Fund
Ms. Kuluipa Akmatova

Romania Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Dr. Horea Olosutean

Applied Ecology Research Center, Faculty of Sciences
Romania Valahia University of Targoviste
Prof. Dr. Gabriela Teodorescu

Ukraine Carpathian National Nature Park
Dr. Marta Korchemlyuk

Head of Monitoring
Ukraine Yaroslav Mudriy National Law University
Dr. EvegeniyaKopitsa

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Law
Ukraine Lviv Polytechnic National University
Dr. Mariia Ruda

Associate Professor, Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development,
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