As the Mountain Ecosystems, Climate Change, and Local Communities summer school approaches, the anticipation is brimming with excitement and curiosity. The prospect of delving into the intricate interplay between mountain ecosystems, climate change, and the role of local communities holds the promise of a profound learning experience.
          The forthcoming summer school embodies the synergy between pressing global challenges and the resilience of local communities. The prospect of exploring the dynamic relationship between fragile mountain environments and the evolving climate landscape is both intriguing and imperative. It presents a unique opportunity to comprehend the nuanced ways in which these ecosystems respond to climate shifts, and how local communities adapt and contribute to their preservation.
          The concept of involving local communities brings a deeply human dimension to the academic pursuit. Understanding their traditional knowledge, innovative strategies, and the challenges they face in the face of climate change fosters empathy and underscores the urgency of meaningful action. The summer school serves as a platform for cross-cultural exchange, a meeting of minds that transcends geographical boundaries to collectively address a shared concern.
          The interdisciplinary nature of the summer school promises a holistic exploration. By intertwining ecological science, social dynamics, and policy considerations, participants are poised to gain a comprehensive perspective. This comprehensive approach equips us not only with knowledge but also with the tools to become catalysts for change in our respective spheres.
          As the days draw closer to the commencement of the summer school, the excitement is matched by a sense of responsibility. The challenges faced by mountain ecosystems and the communities intertwined with them call for informed action and sustainable solutions. The summer school, with its blend of education, dialogue, and collaboration, holds the potential to ignite our passion and equip us with the insights to contribute meaningfully to these pressing global issues.
          This program has a Diverse Speaker Lineup. Aim for a diverse range of speakers representing different perspectives, regions, and expertise. This enriches discussions and exposes participants to a wider array of viewpoints.
          In summary, the forthcoming Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management summer school promises a transformative journey of discovery, empathy, and empowerment. It underscores the importance of learning from diverse perspectives and unites us in our quest to make a positive impact on our world.
Elvira Maratova / Kyrgyzstan
The forthcoming Summer School appears to be a comprehensive and impactful program designed to address a wide array of critical topics related to mountain ecosystems and their interactions with climate change, local communities, and sustainable development. The inclusion of subjects like mountain ecosystems, water management, biodiversity, livelihoods, and sustainable agriculture showcases a holistic approach to understanding the complex interplay between nature and society in mountainous regions. The program's focus on themes such as renewable energy, sustainable tourism, and socio-cultural integration underscores the importance of balanced development and responsible practices in mountain areas. The incorporation of international and national laws and policies indicates a commitment to fostering awareness and compliance with regulations for the betterment of these sensitive ecosystems. The inclusion of a combined field trip enhances the experiential learning component, providing participants with a tangible connection to the subjects being studied. Overall, this Summer School promises to offer a unique opportunity for participants to delve deep into the intricate dynamics of mountain environments, equipping them with knowledge and insights to contribute to the sustainable management of these vital regions.
Emad Hassan Elawad Yasin / Sudan & Hungary
Thanks for forwarding a very nice program, impressive arrangement this time for Summer Training School at Hungary!! Let me check how to manage funds for attending be a part of the program in Europe. I am very proud of you as your teacher. Dr. Hasrat, you are using NRM course knowledge in a productive way; I give your example to many of our new students. It is not easy task to organise such course; so much effort is required. You probably know I had organised about 9 international training courses at IIFM. All the best. Take care Hasrat, great efforts.
Prof. Prodyut Bhattacharya / India
As you may already know, this summer school is highly regarded for its comprehensive curriculum and the chance to interact with experts and fellow participants from various backgrounds. It offers a unique platform for individuals like me to gain valuable insights, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections within the field. While I am excited about the prospect of attending the summer school, I am currently faced with the challenge of securing the necessary funding to cover the associated costs. As such, I and Forestry Agency in the Republic of Uzbekistan are actively seeking sponsors who may be interested in supporting my participation in this event. I firmly believe that attending this summer school will significantly contribute to my personal and professional growth, enabling me to make a meaningful impact in my chosen field. The knowledge and skills I acquire from the program will not only benefit me individually but also be instrumental in advancing the goals and objectives of my organization and the broader community.
Dildora Aralova / Uzbekistan
The list of lecturers, professors and experts is impressive! Special respect to the organisers, developers of the graphic design of the website! Everything is done at the highest level. Next time (Summer Field School), it would be interesting to include topics related to the psychology of people living in mountainous areas (as a subject of special research).
Dr. O. Khrushch / Ukraine
It is a very international program, considering both lecturers and participants, which put effort into making most out of the experience for each participant. Gaining a perspective from outside of Europe is especially interesting to me. While there are a lot of different countries included, some are a bit overrepresented. Otherwise, I like that a balance of gender seems to be respected among the lecturers and participants. One could try to have all the major mountain regions represented in fair shares, though I am aware that this will depend on the amount of research that is conducted in respective regions.
Lucia Scheele / Switzerland
The detailed schedule and the range of subjects provide a good balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning. The Summer School seems to cater to a wide range of interests, making it suitable for individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. The fact that it is a residential program also enhances the immersive experience and allows participants to fully engage with the learning environment.
Dr. Shadreck Muchaku / South Africa
I am very excited and very optimistic about summer school being very productive for me. Where I will be able to embrace diverse angles of the Mountain ecosystem and conservation knowledge.
Pragya Sherchan / Nepal
It is very good and professional platform, and the technical staff will learn lots about the new researches
and study.
Mohammad Ibrahim Qaderi / Afghanistan
Very excited. A lot of work has gone in to getting this organized, getting global representation, and ensuring it will be a good experience for all participants. I look forward to having open dialogue with many folks with varying perspectives. I think it's difficult to host an event that is interactive for both a virtual and in person audiences. It would be really interesting to learn about Indigenous water sovereignty as it applies to different areas globally, but I think the syllabus covers a great range of topics.
Taylor Powrie / Canada
This would be my first therefore I will be learning more than I can offer. However, it would be nice to see everyone from different fields participating, and engaging in an informal group style setting that allows for conversation to flow regardless the field or level of expertise one is in. I believe that is how we can learn the most.
Noxolo Sinegugu Phungula / South Africa
I look forward to attending the summer school to get exposed to the wider audience and the diversity of perspectives from fellow participants. It would not only contribute to my growth and knowledge but would go a long way in aiding in achieving the desired outputs, outcomes and the conservation impact of the Markhor Recovery project in my landscape, keeping the banner of conservation flying high and green.
Sameer Khazir / India
It was found very interesting and related to current issue of climate and adaptation of climate change. It would be better to repeat the same course in upcoming year.
Mohammad Wazir Ahmadzai / Afghanistan
For the first time attendee like me this is something to be excited about especially that I'm proposing a project for the two twin mountains in Otjozondjupa region of Namibia. Maybe to introduce a specialization in this particular subject whereby people can study for mountain environments specifically and also identify a specific term for this calling. For example, not to say mountain ecosystems only but a specific term to describe a person who specialized his/ her qualifications in mountain environments.
Priscilla Nauwanga Haindongo / Namibia
Mountains always captivate me since I am from Mountainous country, Nepal. The Summer School has multiple presentations from diverse people with diverse background, learning and sharing, outing, hiking, cultural shows, cultural foods, and several competition for physical delegates like Photography competitions, photos exhibitions, etc. I am excited to attend the program very soon.
Ajaya Shrestha / Nepal
The program has exceptional experts who can proffer ideas to make the environments a better place. Where possible it will be a good idea to have collaborations in doing research and publications.
Dr. Calvin Mudzingiri / South Africa
It's an amazing programme and I am really excited to be part of it.
Daihana Arango Vasquez / Brazil
I think, it’s an amazing opportunity to understand and learn about the nature-based solutions in the climate action and the conservation of the biodiversity and water resources. Perhaps you could consider expanding the marketing efforts for the summer school in Latin America. It's challenging to become aware of such opportunities here, so increasing visibility would be beneficial.
Miguel A. Wilches Fonseca / Colombia
I found the overall composition of topics and lectures are more relevant to Ladakh region. Therefore, I would also like to collaborate with Grassroots organizations for future collaboration.
Dr. Sonam Wangmo / India
The topics of this summer mountain school are very interesting and useful for those who are the main actors involved in a sustainable development of the mountain area. An interesting subject can be the impact/management of invasive species in the protected mountain areas.
Neblea Monica Angela / Romania
Since I am going to attend the Summer School as a virtual participant for the very first time, I expect to learn the most from the sessions and lectures as well as the adopted delivery methodology. I hope the Summer School we are going to participate would come with an opportunity to learn the facts related to mountain, community, livelihood, ecosystem, biodiversity, resource management, and sustainability from the renowned experts and faculties in a systematic way.
Nusrat Jahan Tarin / Bangladesh
Program design and experts are looking fantastic and I am looking forward to listening and participating in all technical sessions. If some funds could be arranged for developing countries' participants, then it would be good. In this case, more face-to-face participation would become possible where more experiences can be shared among participants across the globe.
Dr. Krishna Kumar / India
I am truly impressed by overviewing all the sessions and also in terms of technical aspects.
Dr. Mohan Sharma / India
I really hope participation in the Summer School will help to expand knowledge and skills in this area.
Sarbagyshova Aigul / Kyrgyzstan
As the diversity of the topics and participants (from different continent), the overall program design sounds good from the diversity of climate and continent of lecturers point of view. As a danger of climate change and population settlement, It would be useful to express views about the mountain ecosystems restoration.
Bahram Naseri / Iran
The program is incredible! It’s very intensive and educative.
Deborah Kangai / Kenya & Hungary
It is a very good opportunity for faculty members to hear and learn about different topics that will improve their work in their field of research.
Tanja Pljevaljcic / Bosnia & Herzegovina
Impressions are promising. A very rich program. Excellent presentations and speakers. I hope to have the opportunity to hear them all. Great event!
Anzhelika Chepelenko / Ukraine
A very diverse event. Excited and keen to experience it.
Svetlana Belova / Slovakia
Dr. Jozef Bednar / Slovakia
Definitely, the variation of topics and presentation in addition to many participants from different parts of the world who will give good impression and reflection to be successful events 2023.
Dr. Ayman Balla Mustafa / Libya
Feedback By Important Comment Sessions/Topics of Liking Suggestion
Ahmad Mahdavi
Indeed it was a great event that I believe did put forward mountains issue strongly, very wide and comprehensive so that it needs long time to go through all of it for evaluation. Mountain ecosystems, mountain biodiversity, agri-food in mountains, indeed good information provided. Situation of plant and animal species in world mountains, general view, mammals, insects, plants. Even that mountain issues are very wide but I think whole time should not be more than 5 days; it makes it hard to follow.
Alessandro Pellegrini
Excellent experience to learn about cultural experiences and diversity. Eco-friendly constructions, how to organize transport in mountain areas. Simultaneous translation into the main languages would make it easier to communicate.
Alina Lavreniuk
I am totally satisfied with the summer school. Each technical session was interesting and contained a great amount of useful information. The list is full and has all important topics Keep going on such a high level.
Alina Pavlovska
All the technical sessions were interesting. I learned a lot of new and useful things for me. Really good organization of technical sessions. All the technical sessions were interesting and useful for me. All the technical sessions were interesting and useful for me. I like everything.
Alla Pecheniuk
I have extraordinary impressions of the project. Positive atmosphere, interesting reports and lectures. Many thanks to the team and Dr. Hasrat for a really great job! Almost all technical sessions aroused considerable interest in me. They organically combined world experience, different cultures and traditions. It is difficult to make additions. The theme was well thought out by the organizers. It included various aspects.
Ambily K.K.
Excellent Session regarding climate change and biodiversity because it was very present situations and are important to be taken care of. All are interesting in one or other ways. Impact of the adverse activities in the mountain and the early precaution to take for the minimising the effects. Arrangement of technical perfection if it is online in future.
Anil Kumar Joshi
The school is a university in itself; it provides various dimensions of ecosystems and development. 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 3. Demand estimation of ecosystem services for downstream population. It should be offline with practical and hands on experiences.
Biljana Ristakjovska
It was useful even in a pandemic era. 4.3; 8. Cover crops management as a basic useful chain in a sustainable agriculture.
Cărătuș Mirela-Aurora
The summer school was very well organized. Unfortunately, the current tasks at work did not allow me to attend most sections/ presentations. Transhumance; Pastoralism; Rangeland Governance. My concerns are within the theme addressed by this section. Thematic sections were well chosen. There is no need to change them.
Cristiana Radulescu
I appreciate the hard work done by the team, coordinated by Dr. Hasrat Arjjumend, the professionalism and availability. Congratulations! Session 9. All sessions were interesting as a whole. Maybe, global warming and biodiversity. Cause-effect relationship. Presentations that were not in English and that were difficult to follow and understand, sometimes boring and not in the topic of summer school should be avoided in the future.
Dragojla Golub
This kind of participating in teaching and learning process was a challenge and new experience for me, but very exciting and useful. Freshwater Ecosystems in Mountains including Wetlands. Basic Geological Understanding of Mountains. Invasive Alien Species as treat to biodiversity.
Gent Imeraj
An event moderated with splendid communication skills from the organizers. Technical session 7, digitalization in mountains All the technical sessions had elements of uniqueness. Entrepreneurship in the mountains: How to succeed? More interaction with the audience.
Georges AKL
I have a positive feedback on the organization and the topics that have been presented during the sessions.
Gopalsamy PoyyamolIy
It is a very exciting experience and valuable opportunity for the budding as well as senior researchers. All of them Organise such events every year.
Hafiz Muminjanov
Great team work! Excellent job! Wishing the best of luck and stand by for any support would be needed. Climate Change and Mountain Ecosystems & Communities; Biodiversity Conservation; Wildlife Management; Ecotourism; Park-People Interface; Sustainable Agriculture; Organic Farming; Agro-Biodiversity; Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Exchange & Excursion. Although I like tourism, but it is out of my technical field. Social and economics on mountains.
K. Raghavendra Rao
Good attempt to bring speakers with different areas of expertise onto one platform! And that too virtually! Simply amazing! Ecosystem regeneration and management Issues dealing with policy frameworks Too much written material on the slides and the speaker attempting to read all of it is a waste of time!
Kaku Ram
It was great learning source. I tanks to all team for organizing such a wonderful summer school. Tribal problems at global level.
Kinley Dorji
Great job! Technical session 1 - Mountain Ecosystems; Freshwater Ecosystems; Forest Ecology; Environmental Issues. It was very close to my field of study and I learnt a lot from - particularly the presentations from Delegate Participants - on various topics encompassed in one theme. There was no session I didn't enjoy. It is simply my opinion, just to add a narrative to study climate change, if we could also have ethnographical studies under a broad theme of climate change, it would give an added flavour to the study of climate change.
Kliret Terangpi
The summer field school was held very well in online mode despite the technical difficulties and I have gain new insights and knowledge on various topics from all the distinguished and knowledgeable professors in their own individual fields or subjects. The conference was a first for me and I am grateful to have got this wonderful opportunity. I also got to learned about each participants work carried out by them and being presented in this wonderful platform. The organization was very encouraging and helpful in every step, all the suggestions and advice that they have provided for the paper ( writing a paper and presenting it for a something like this was also a first for me). All the suggestions and corrections will help me a lot in the future. There were many interesting sessions presented by all the learned professors from all around the world from different fields and branches spoke on a wide range of topics and hence one cannot pinpoint on one particular session. From the beginning to the end, it has been a wonderful journey of learning such as in the technical session 1, the topic of diversity of ecosystems and landscapes covered by Petrit Sir was wonderful as to learn how tourism (exploring the Albania region by bike) and conservation can go hand in hand. The research carried out by Dr. Thi ThI Hiun on rice that led to the development of perennial rice 25 consisting a better growth and yield regardless of the season was very intriguing or in technical session 4, where the importance of yak pastoralism on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and the benefits of yak milk as compared to cow or goat milk was highlighted by Dr. Danfeng Long. The rich nomadic life covered in technical session 5 presented wonderfully by Dr. Raziq Kakar was very interesting. I came to learn new things from each different session.
Marcos Vinicius Bohrer Monteiro Siqueira
Technical Session 6.1
Technical Session 3.1
Conservation Genetics and Genomics
My constructive criticisms go through the time of the event, which I believe could be reduced further in the virtual format. Some delegate lectures became too short. The issue of time differences between countries is also a complex issue to be resolved.
Maria-Mihaela Antofie
The real involvement and commitment of each speaker is highly motivating me to attend a lot of presentations. Very hard to decide. I consider that all sessions relevant and important subjects have been discussed. Very hard to define all burdens from administrative point of view for The Grassroots Institute. For the future we may share some tasks.
Mariia Pasailiuk
I was impressed! I wish to organizer’s prosperity and implementation of all plans! Biodiversity Conservation; Wildlife Management; Ecotourism; Park-People Interface.
Marta Korchemlyuk
It was very vide informative event. Each of the participants can find proper information for the professional interest as well as to establish new partnerships. All sessions were interesting and comprehensive.
Matej Ogrin
Very interesting event from many points of view. Climate Change and Mountain Ecosystems & Communities; Participatory Resource Management; Watershed Management; River Basin Management
The summer school was very interesting. I hope to talk about the effects of colonialism in mountain regions. To talk about other mountains.
Ms. Sumit
It was an excellent experience to be part of such an informative and interesting learning event. All sessions were interesting and informative but Technical sessions 5 and 6 were most interesting for me.
Mthokozisi Sandile Mungwe
It was an excellent program; I enjoyed almost all part of it. Group 6
Group 2
Just keep calm when you work with other people.
Muhammad Mukhtar Alam
Governments should be making attendance mandatory for all officials in order to orient them on the urgently needed cognitive development and action potentials since all is required in the development of policy and programs with reference to natural resource management, preparations for transition to post fossil fuel age survival equations, human security is being discussed in the Summer Field School on Mountain Ecosystems and Resource Management. The Special Session due to its integration of multiple themes. All sessions were designed perfectly well. Transition technologies for post fossil fuel age survival equations in the mountainous regions. Making governments know through multiple channels.
Nagima Alimbekova
Interesting work experiences were presented. Climate Change and Mountain Ecosystems & Communities, Transhumance; Pastoralism; Rangeland Governance. The presentations are very interesting and very useful for me all sessions were interesting to add practical session Include practical work in training, to perform analyses or work on the example of successful implemented projects.
Nataliia Korzhenivska
Thank you for organizing and conducting Summer Field School. I gained experience, partners and friends, the prospect of scientific cooperation! All the technical classes were most interesting for me, especially Mountain Livelihoods; Rural Micro-Enterprises; Livestock-Based Livelihoods and Sustainable Agriculture; Organic Farming; Agro-Biodiversity.
Nazgul Ibraeva
The organization and holding of the online conference went very well. The speakers prepared very interesting presentations. All the topics were very relevant and interesting. I was more interested in topics on ecology. All the topics were interesting depending on the direction. I would like to wish great success to your entire team. And the next time, if possible, put less presentation for one day.
Neslihan Dal
I think it is a very useful course program. I was particularly interested in the technical sessions 1, 2 and 3. These sessions formed the starting point for the mountains. I think the topics in technical sessions 1, 2, 3 and even 6 are important for a clearer understanding of other aspects of mountain environments (e.g. Mountain Livelihoods, Mountain Sustainability). I followed these sessions with interest as I worked on the basic elements that make up the mountain. The 8th technical session was less interesting to me. However, Organic Farming; Listening to Agro-Biodiversity issues in more detail created awareness for me. Since the program content is quite full, maybe more breaks can be given. My suggestion is that a topic on mountain descriptions (GIS-based) be included in the first sessions. First, a mountain is a morphological unit in the lithosphere. But there is no common quantitative mountain definition in the world. Where does a mountain border begin and end? There are many morphological parameters that define the mountain. I am working on these definitions and in my opinion, it is necessary to look at the 'Definition of the Mountain' to understand the other elements that make up the mountain.
Nesterenko Valerii
Summer Field School is very useful and important not only for specialists on geography, geology and other natural sciences but for more wide audience (including historians:)). Technical Sessions Group-6 [Day.7: 25 September 2021]: Biodiversity Conservation; Wildlife Management; Ecotourism; Park-People Interface. Because I have developed some ecotourism programmes for my region. I study the most important positive and negative aspects of ecotourism, it`s influence on nature, All technical sessions were useful. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time enough to attend some sessions. History of ecotourism (because I`m a professional historian:)).
Oliver Pinto
Brilliant sessions, well structured, delivered and managed. Mountain ecosystems management; Hazard monitoring and mitigation; Inland potable and agricultural water management in a growing anthropogenic footprint scenario.
Om Katel
Great job, not easy to bring so many people on board. Mountain ecosystems. Did not attend all but I read the posted resources, all are interesting and relevant. Urbanization in mountain.
Parviz Koohafkan
I would have liked that the representatives of mountain people to contribute to some field sessions or debates. I suggest “Mountain Food Heritage”
Prakash Singh Thapa
I can understand its very complicated task to bring many participants in a single forum during this COVID pandemic situation and working over an online platform, thus is a great job completed with lion’s heart. Further, I would like to thank organizing team, collaborators and all the contributors for this herculean job. I believe this summer school was a successful event and I am sure all the participants were benefitted in multiple ways. Personally, I am thankful to the organizers and HUC ICIMOD for providing me with the opportunity to engage in this academic forum which not only introduced me to many researchers and scientists but educated me with the world class knowledge and research findings. It seems almost all sessions were designed after deep research thus, this summer school highlighted all the burning issues in this planet earth and tried to bring different solutions from segregated research around globe to single forum. But from the view point of usefulness, being a researcher and practitioner related to the climate change, Disaster, Ecosystem and Watershed management were very useful. I am benefitted from the technical sessions entitled "Climate Change and Mountain Ecosystems & Communities", and "Participatory Resource Management; Watershed Management; River Basin Management". I benefitted from all the sessions and all presentations made were useful directly or indirectly to my career and daily life. So, I did not find any reason to consider any session less interesting. Next time, let's make it face-to-face or classroom-style training.
Mountain region is suffering from disasters related to i) too much water such as Landslide, Flooding and Inundation, ii) too little water such as drying of springs and drought, agricultural loss, and starvation, iii)too polluted water such as river pollution and underground water pollution. So it would be great to include a session to bring similar researchers together through this forum which may provide examples and learning to address above issues.
Prasanthi Gunawardena
It is an interesting experience, to see a large gathering from all over the world without big cost of traveling. Ecosystem services: Economics and Policy issues May be to have parallel sessions.
Rajni Bala
It was nicely organised summer field school. This type of activities are always helpful for academicians The technical session focussing on phenotypic changes due to climate change was most interesting. Climate refugees are to be taken care of during deciding the themes for workshops. It is a matter of great concern for everyone to reflect on climate change.
Ruchi Ramesh
It is well thought and methodically designed program. All efforts were put together to organise this program. All the sessions were very informative and well designed. Diversity in culture.
Saibal Sengupta
Mountain biodiversity; Ethnology An important event. More young students and researchers need to be encouraged to get involved in protection of highly vulnerable mountain ecosystem. Very lucidly and in simple language the duty of citizen in maintain mountain ecosystem be included in syllabus of secondary students.
Sanjay Swami
Excellent programme Technical Sessions Group-8 on Sustainable Agriculture; Organic Farming; Agro-Biodiversity as there were many new emerging concepts which will help in addressing the present and future challenges. It should be conducted in different hill/mountain areas on rotational basis.
Sheetal Thakur
Overall the entire programme was very interesting and informative. Technical session and lecture group 6. Mountain tourism and sustainable development. To be given more time to the presenters.
Shikha Anand
The overall experience was very informative. It is helping me plan my future research studies. Technical Session 9.1 was most interesting for me as my research work has been concentrated on ecosystem services in mountains. If the number of days can be increased and number of lectures per day be reduced, it will be highly useful because attending the sessions for 10 hrs becomes difficult many times and valuable sessions are missed due to that.
Somnath Roy
I am happy and satisfied with the presentation. Sustainable tourism and cultural ethnicity. I like it because it deals with improving the livelihood of mountain people and preserve the cultural heritage. Pastoralism and Transhumance; Hazards and effective solutions to revive the mountain ecosystem. The Grassroots Institute should spread the good work in implementing effective solutions to mountain regions (where support is not provided and people are looking for solutions) for a favourable outcome to save the planet.
Spanu Simona
Congratulation, this summer school was a success In my opinion, everything was perfect A hybrid summer school, offline and online too.
Srijita Patra
Good The economic aspects related to climate change and mountain livelihood because as environment services are mostly considered intangible so economics is not considered much but the studies showed how important it is. Short sessions per day with more engaging presentations. The new innovations or the sustainable renewable approaches coming up in mountain regions. A brief session on that might be interesting. And more on traditional cultural relationship to the adoption of mitigation strategies. Would also like a few group activities that will help learners engage and connect with each other.
Syed Hafizur Rahman
Online summer field school is very challenging in terms of management issue. The Grassroots Institute organized and managed it successfully. Hope next year, hybrid system will be applied to make it more attractive. Technical session 1.1 and 1.3 were most interesting. Technical session 1.1 was very helpful as it was resourceful. I have learnt new things from the lectures. Technical session 1.3 was interesting as I chaired the session. All technical sessions were relevant and resourceful. Coastal area is an important part of the earth. Next summer field school could be arranged on coastal zones of the world.
Thangavelu, Vasantha Kumaran
I honestly liked some and was disinterested in a few. Some presentations from Europe, Canada, Nepal and India were good. I appreciate all the speakers irrespective of their presentation styles. All sessions, about 4 lectures a day, were useful to me. Some presentations, honestly, were drab and uninteresting (3 presentations as far as I could remember). All sessions were interesting except for a few because the speakers were not inspiring in their presentations. Because all presentations were sort of lectures, some indeed long. There should be some changes to the format next time around: (1) Small group discussions (say 5 experts to a group) on a given social life contexts in the mountains could be interesting; (2) A poster session of some select papers with presenters answering audience questions could be inspiring; (3) an online/print in-house journal of 4-page spread summarising the previous day discussion points and some photographic documentation of events could be worthwhile. I feel that each day may have no more than THREE presentations, just ONE Small Group discussions (especially on problems and challenges of social life on the mountains) and ONE 1-hour Panel discussion. I think this format would make the school interesting and inspiring for the delegates as well as learners. A yearly edition would be ideal (preferably with one year online and another year offline).
Thi Thi Htun
The language barrier is a challenge for Asians. But by the time I got to summer school, it was strength for me. I found that some expertize used in lecture, and presentation with their mother tongue. All technical sessions were interesting and useful for me. Because all sessions are related with each other and required for ecosystem and environment. Not only the lecture but also practical works should be done. I would like to suggest that two sub- sessions should be done in one day. When we attended the whole day, we cannot absorb all the information.
Udrea Lavinia
Promptness, understanding, openness, professionalism. All of them were useful, because we also found information from the fields related to our study. Biodiversity of zootechnical ecosystems- Implications for agriculture and food. Food waste prevention.
Umut Zholdoshova
I liked very much the format, the diversity of lectures and faculty members. Inviting not only academicians, but also practitioners were great. Group 1, Group 2 and Group 4
Valenyna Stolyarchuk
Very useful in my academic work. Groups 1, 7, 9. Development of Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality in Context of Mountains The tourists impact on Mountains, so add the issue of sustainable tourism and hospitality, please.
Vishav Jyoti
It was indeed an awesome experience. Dr. Hasrat has contributed a lot in the successful completion of this programme. All were interesting as well as knowledgeable. Gender topics can be included.
Wishfully Mylliemngap
It was an excellent programme, well organised and diverse topics relevant to mountain ecosystem and communities were discussed. Unfortunately, interaction part among fellow participants and faculty was limited because it was conducted in online platform. At least we can reach out through the Google group, thanks to the organisers. Technical Sessions Group -2 (Climate Change and Mountain Ecosystems & Communities) and Group-8 (Sustainable Agriculture; Organic Farming; Agro-Biodiversity). They are relevant to my current area of research.
Yogesh Y. Sumthane
Great platform I really impressed. Forestry related; Non Timber Forest Produce Everything is Perfect.
Zhyldyz Orozobek kyzy
My impression was great, of course, to perform in a big auditory, to take a part with great and better people! I would like to wish you just grow and grow to do more summer schools for foreigners. It will be great if we will visit your country and engage your experiences, new knowledge. All sessions were interesting for me, all participants performed very interesting and told us useful things, which we need in current times. All problems which we have today, useful things, interesting facts, maps, diagrams. I can’t say that something was wrong, everything was great! I think it’s about time, to manage the time, to warn participants especially delegates who will to perform before beginning the session. Some participants in far can confuse with time.
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