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Anima Social and Cultural Innovation Association


ANIMA ASSOCIATION - Anima Social and Cultural Innovation Association - has been operating in Hungary since 2003. We are an expert organization of change makers and innovators. Our core mission is innovation research and innovation brokerage. The members of our association are animators, who bring groups to life, set them in motion and activate them from within, by identifying with communities. We focus on the development of deprived areas and the people who live there. So far, our activities have been in the fields of education, empowerment, facilitation, social entrepreneurship, networking and cross-border cooperation.

Vision Statement
Our vision is an organic, value and trust based Collaborative Society where everyone has a place and we care for each other's livelihoods.

Mission Statement

  • To improve the quality of relationships between people and the communities they form, with the aim of making their relationship systems loving and cooperative.
  • To develop organic communities and the Social Economy that serves them, producing social value and meeting real human needs.
  • As free and responsible Social Entrepreneurs, we serve each other's real needs from the heart.

What we expect from cooperation?

Through the Grassroots Institute initiative, we hope that the networked partners will visualize, research and integrate local, regional and global initiatives, paradigm-shifting social and economic models that rely on scientific technology and the cooperative and organic knowledge of local people. We have entered into this partnership because we envision a Collaborative Society, as a global framework that builds on the value-holarchical networks of organic communities and together we will be able to address the challenges we face.

Profile and competence

Self-actualization, mission and vocation oriented training, social innovator and change maker training, talent development, networking, learning organization modeling, social enterprise start-up, social innovation research, collaborative technology development, model and prototype development.

Partnership & Theme Coordinator:

Endre Gyertyánági

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